Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

1.1.- Read these terms and conditions carefully before making your reservation.

By making a reservation with TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as they may be modified and published on our website when deemed appropriate. Note also that as you directly contract the Provider Services, you may also be subject to the booking terms and conditions established by the Provider.

1.2.- By requesting any service offered on our website, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions of use as they apply to your request for Service.

2.- Our Website

2.1.- Our website is a place where you can search and hire a Shuttle Service to move from the relevant airport to your holiday complex and vice versa.

Our website describes our Services in more detail.

2.2.- Please note that the contents of our website are intended only for users older than 18, and you must comply with this requirement to request the Service from our website.

3.- Service Request

3.1.- To request a Service, you must follow the application procedures established in the corresponding reservation pages of our website. For the taxi reservation for the trip within the city, outside it, short travel and long-distance travel, you must use the normal booking form.

Reservations for Airport pick-up must be made using the Airport Reservations form. The requested reservations that have not been made from the correct form may be invalid and therefore will cause the service to be canceled. However TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es will contact you via email to verify the data and request missing information if necessary. All requests must be made at least 48 hours before departure.

3.2.- TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es has the right to reject any request for Service that you make. In the case of not being able to accept your reservation request, we will send you an email to notify you of this situation.

Possibly, you can offer an alternative. If your request for Service is accepted, we will acknowledge receipt of your reservation to the e-mail address that you have indicated when making the request.

Subject to clauses 3.3 and 7, TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es will render the requested Service on the date established in its reservation.

3.3.- You confirm that all the data you provide for the purpose of acquiring the TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es Service are correct. We will notify you as soon as possible to the email address you indicated, if for any reason, your reservation should be canceled.

3.4.- In order for the reservations to be satisfactory, a reservation email will be generated. It is your responsibility to verify the details of your reservation in the email before traveling and inform us of any errors that you may detect. You must present a copy of the email to the driver at the beginning of the trip.

4.- Services

4.1.- TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es offers on its website the services for hiring transfers for people or groups.

4.2.- When you contract, TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es will handle the necessary procedures to carry out your purpose of hiring a transfer service, which will only be understood when TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es gives its consent and so notifies the customer of TeleTaxiTorrevieja .es.

5.- Prices and Payment

5.1.- On our website, you can see the prices of our Service and prices of long distance services. The guide prices are as the word says, to serve you as guidance so you can make your budget. To further specify the actual price of your trip or set a fixed price with TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es you must write us using the contact form of our website and request the price of your service or set a fixed price. We try to make sure that the prices we publish on our website are as accurate as possible.

5.2.- Budgeted prices are per vehicle. If you bring golf clubs, surfboards or any other exceptional items when traveling, remember to notify us in advance when you make your reservation in the "Observations" area of our booking form. Otherwise we do not guarantee that we can transport them.

5.3.- The prices shown on the website are in Euros (EUR).

6.- Languages

6.1.- From the web page TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es can be contracted electronically in multiple languages. Customer service by phone will be done exclusively in Spanish and by email in any other language.

6.2.- TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es monitors the quality of the translation of its general contracting conditions on its website, however in case of discrepancy, the Spanish version will predominate.

7.- Compliance

7.1.- TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es will make all reasonable efforts to guarantee that the requested vehicle picks it up at the point established at the time indicated in the reservation email. It is your responsibility to make sure you reserve the service to pick it up on time.

TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es is exempt from all liability for any loss you suffer (for example, a flight) due to its inability to allow sufficient time for the trip. To avoid unexpected situations we have established as a general rule that all reservations must be made 48 hours before the day you need the service hired, this way we can carry out all the necessary procedures and you have enough time to confirm all the data of your reservation.

7.2.- If your flight is delayed, the Service will adapt to the new arrival time.

7.3.- If your flight deviates for any reason, we will make any reasonable efforts to have a taxi pick you up at the new destination airport.

7.4.- In situations where notification of flight diversion is made too late to prevent the taxi driver from traveling to the new airport with too much delay, his reservation will be automatically canceled, unless you agree to wait for the driver .

8.- Your Responsibilities

8.1.- If your flight deviates, we recommend you send us a notice via email as soon as possible by telling us the new situation. Please note that, under its terms and conditions, it is the responsibility of the airline to take you to your original destination airport.

8.2.- It is your responsibility to travel with the booking email, which contains all the details of the same, as well as the telephone number of our driver, which will appear on the booking confirmation email.

9.- Changes, Modifications and Cancellations

9.1.- If you would like to change or modify the details of your reservation, these or other details must be notified by means of our contact form or by writing atencionalcliente@TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es addressed at least 24 hours before the date of travel.

9.2.- If after having made a reservation with TeleTaxiTorrevieja.es you notice the existence of any error in your request, you should contact us and let us know by means of our contact form.